Midnight Musings Vol 1: Dear older me,

Since staying until I see the sunrise has been a fond activity of mine, I decided to create this Midinight Musings thing, where I’ll be allotting my precious time in squeezing my creative juices through writing. So, here goes my first entry:

If you would write your future self a letter, what would you say?

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120 seconds miracle


           We all have miracles we never thought was going to happen in our lives, don’t we? I never thought I would overcome the misty journey I was in before, I thought maybe my life was meant to be this tormenting, maybe I’m deserving to drown in this ocean of tears and feel the weight of the mountains at my shoulder. It was horrible to feel empty and at the same time hurting, and feeling like there’s nobody who can free you, from the battlefield that you never really wanted to lay your feet at in the first place.

            I was undeserving and insignificant, yet He made me realized otherwise. He called me beautiful and that I am a child of God. He took my shattered heart and held it cautiously and guarded it for my sake and patiently waited for its healing. And I am sharing this in hopes that you may also realize how great His love is for me, and for you. So here goes my miracle.          Continue reading “120 seconds miracle”

The Sunday Currently | 05

Before I say anything unnecessary, lemme first greet you a Happy New Year! Lowkey feeling stupid because I know that no one reads these petty blogs of mine lol. But yeah, it’s already 2017, God I wish this year is better than the previous one, not that it was terrible because I actually am really thankful for all the experiences that I had in the past 12 months. It’s just that I expected too much from it since it started real good. But who am I kidding right? Of course the universe wanted the ending of my year to be bitter sweet, but I guess that’s life, I just gotta move on before it could even eat me alive. Sooo yeah that was pretty long, anyway here’s my late Sunday currently, um enjoy? Continue reading “The Sunday Currently | 05”

Sunday Currently | 04

tsc4.jpgWhy am I even doing this? So currently, the teachers have been giving so many long tests and random quizzes to us. Hell week na kasi.  Tomorrow, I have 3 hours of Pre-Calculus, which we have a long test in, and I haven’t reviewed a thing. But that’s just because 1.) Yesterday I did my science take home quiz (which I’m still not done answering and watching yet) and 2.) I’m doing my PEH exercise program assignment now, which I don’t really know how to do because our great teacher explained it very well :). I’m so stressed but I’m still writing I don’t know anymore. Continue reading “Sunday Currently | 04”


So last last week, we were supposed to deliver the speech that we wrote in our oral communication subject, but we fail to even pass the speech that we wrote, because apparently, our school is very amazing. They re-shuffled our teachers, and we weren’t able to continue the activity. That’t why I decided to post it here just so it can have a purpose (and hopefully be read by someone), so here goes nothing:

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The Sun and the Moon | vol. 1


0B9Og3MYTwlSceGxSQTI3UnRlTXMThis is a tale about the moon’s unrequited love for the sun (or something close to that).

Once there was a moon named Lavinia. As funny as it may sound, Lavinia is an introvert moon, though there are really no other moons in the galaxy, there were stars, and comets and asteroids, but she felt no comfort being with them, until he knew Apollo, the sun.

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